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When our mind, body and spirit is connected, we feel a greater sense of wellbeing. The stress of life often leaves us feeling disconnected and out of sorts. By receiving integrated bodywork, which is a practice of combining various massage techniques with energy work, we address the mind, body, and spirit, creating a holistic approach that will allow for reconnection, bringing you back home to yourself.


5437 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Located in the bride mural building at Penn ave & Graham st.



Tuesday       1pm-8pm
Wednesday 11am-6pm
Thursday     12pm-7pm
Friday           11am-6pm


Based on 75 reviews
Tessa Barber
Frankie has such a welcoming space and presence. They are also so professional & talented. I got a lot out of my energy work session with them.
Rebecca McCullough
Frankie was so friendly, supportive, and respectful through the whole process, from booking through the appointment and into follow-up. They checked in with me while doing some fairly intense massage work to make sure I was still doing well, and after the session they also gave me suggestions for continued self-care for some of my tense points. I can't recommend Embodied Spirit enough.
Jane Spector
I have been through a lot of surgery over the past few years and live with pain. Frankie was awesome and gave me some quality comfort time. She is patient and caring...
Frankie gave me the best massage of my life (not an exaggeration!). They really took their time with all of the problem areas I mentioned and got into areas that I did not even know had tension and soreness. Frankie provided a very safe and calming environment, and they made sure to ask about any areas that I would prefer not to be touched ahead of time, which I extremely appreciated as most massage therapists I've seen do not ask that. I fully intend to go back and try and make regular visits!
A Walker
I’ve had a few professional massages in my life, but this experience was different, in the best way. I truly appreciate the care and compassion Frankie poured into our session through their energy and expertise. Leaving the session it felt like all the tension had melted away and I experienced the best feeling of calm I’d had in a long while. If you’re reading this and need a sign to book, please let this be it. Book the session. They are a lovely, warm person who will invite you into their space and with genuine care & concern, provide a safe space for calm, relaxation, and even healing to occur.
Had a great 1st massage experience with Frankie! They were very knowledgeable & professional. Would recommend!
Lauren Coriell
I’ve had countless bodywork experiences through the years and this was one of my absolute favorites. Frankie was so attentive and supportive and such an amazing listener. They listened to what my body was really saying and needing. Highly recommend.
Carly Hicks
I was gifted a prenatal massage with Embodied Spirit, and it was fantastic! Frankie was kind and welcoming. It’s a sweet little studio massage room, connected to a boutique store - but you wouldn’t even know it unless the connecting door is opened. Frankie listened to my needs and gave a great massage! Definitely recommend.
Callie Robinson
Frankie is incredible at creating a welcoming and comfortable space! They really listen to what you want to get out of your massage and make it a relaxing and supportive experience. I always feel lighter for days after my appointment and look forward to booking again!
sarah stephens
Frankie is a Gift to our community! I am so grateful to have found them. Not only are the services affordable but Frankie is an amazing massage therapist. Our session encompassed reiki and massage and I cannot express enough how much healing I felt from 1 session. My goal would be to work with Frankie monthly! Highly recommend Embodied Spirit!