I’m Frankie.


I am a queer, non-binary, neurodiverse Pennsylvania State Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner, trained body image mentor, and clinical hypnotherapist. My practice brings a trauma-informed, gender and body affirming integrative approach to bodywork combining therapeutic massage techniques, Swedish, Craniosacral therapy, reiki, and breathwork. I have a client-centered approach, taking time to connect with you to learn your unique needs and create a treatment plan that feels right for you. 

I studied hypnotherapy, yoga teaching and life coaching at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Spiritual teacher Adrienne Cobb trained and attuned me to Reiki III. I received my massage therapy at the Sedona School of Massage. 

My training over the years as well as my lived experience as a queer, neurodiverse person living with chronic pain informs everything that I do. Bodywork has helped me physically, emotionally and energetically, and continues to cultivate my deep respect and appreciation for the body’s own wisdom and how we can spark that innate sense of healing through caring touch. 

I am grateful and honored to meet you there.


Training & Credentials


Craniosacral Therapy I Training (2024)
Body Image Coach Training (2023)
Myofascial Release I Training (2022)
Trauma Informed Bodywork Certification (2019)
YoMassage Certification (2019)
Licensed Massage Therapist #MSG013668 (2018)
Reiki Master Teacher (2015)
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (2012)
Registered Yoga Teacher RYT200 (2012)
Life Coach Certification(2012)



Our protocols include (but are not limited to): cleaning with an EPA List N disinfectant on all surfaces, door knobs, light fixtures, massage tools, and restrooms. Masks are worn by the practitioner, and are encouraged but not required. Masks are available upon request if needed.

As always, your therapist will wash their hands before and after the session, and hand sanitizer is used whenever necessary, as well as sheet changes and disinfecting of the table. 


Things come up, especially during therapeutic sessions. Allowing yourself to process whatever you’re feeling can help you to heal. Know that we are here to hold space for you in however you’re showing up. We can pause at any time–take a break, check in, or end the session early if needed.


Please be ready 10 minutes before the start of your appointment time
If the door is locked when you arrive, please text (412) 450-0240, and we will let you in when we are ready. We will spend 5-10 minutes checking in beforehand, plus the length of your chosen treatment, and a few minutes to connect afterward. Please plan ahead, and let us know if you need to end your session at a specific time.


We use unscented Bon Vital’ Organica Massage Lotion during our sessions. If you have an allergy to anything in it, we also offer Jojoba Oil. We often use organic essential oils or plant based healing salves, but these can be avoided if needed. We check in during our first session about allergies, but please keep us informed if new allergies arise. The sheets and blankets are laundered after each session using scent-free, biodegradable plant-derived detergent, and are stored on site away from allergens. 


Your comfort is the most important thing to us. There will always be a clean set of sheets on the table, and you will remain covered the entire time, as the drape is respectfully moved for just the part being worked on (i.e., one leg at a time). While some techniques do require direct contact with skin, a great deal of therapeutic work can be done through clothing, so if undressing is not an option for you, no problem!


We are dedicated to making our treatments accessible to everyone. Sessions can be adjusted as needed (lights, sounds, music, duration, etc). Positioning adjustments can be made (side-lying with support cushions, sitting in a chair, etc). You may remain clothed, or completely unclothed based on your preference. You will always be covered with sheets. We offer an energy work session that can be completely hands-off, and in all sessions we can also avoid areas due to sensitivity or trauma. We have an ADA accessible massage table that lowers to the ground, chairs that accommodate many different bodies, fragrance-free organic massage lotion, and an air purifier to cleanse the space. We are available to offer assistance on and off the table or chair.

You are welcome to have a PA present with you, or if a minor, a parent present. You can let us know at any moment if you need to pause, or end the session early.